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Le jardin des allégories

In le jardin des allégories, the Passage des fougères [Fern Pathway] finds itself transfigured by Italian artist Beatrice Celli (Villa Arson class of 2019) into a place for dreaming and collectively imagining, inspired by the history of the garden; a landscape of symbols, created by the means of a rudimentary practice including salvaging, calling forth both classicism and folklore. Her metaphorical garden is conceived as an initiatory passage, strewn with a memento mori garland, a fountain decorated with a fantastical bestiary and a pavilion designed as a cosmic confessional. The Garden of Allegories is an invented locus amoenus, an invitation to cultivate the singular world hidden deep inside us.

Curator: Éric Mangion

Villa Arson, Solo Show

17.10.2021 - 31.12.2021



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