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Until the fire

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Hugo Bench, Elise Bercovitz, Claire Bouffay, Amentia Brochard, Beatrice Celli, Lucie De Bodinat, Léa Doussière, Mélina Ghorafi, Maeva Grapain, Damian Junges, Flavie Loreau, Chloé Sassi 

Villa Arson, 23. 03. 2019 - 29.03.2019

Jusqu' au Feu is an exhibition which, according to the method of divination, called Ouija, make use of ecofeminist texts to find the means, by the sensible and the intuition, to reconnect with ecologies and to the living worlds in general.

Magic, divination and stories  are all manifestations that have helped women and men for generations and generations to live harmoniously their ephemeral presence on Earth.

In the collective imagination fire is still considered today as a vital element or as one of the primordial conditions for our existence. A metaphor for power and self-expression, it is the privileged material of ancestral, pagan and religious rituals that still exist today. Fire embodies in the same movement, principle of life and destructive forces. The works presented are inspired by the force of fire as a vehicle to bring us closer to nature, our nature.


Manifesto of a "slow art", Jusqu'au Feu proposes to reinvest the myths, the practice of the reconciling magic, the sensual relation to the matter, the ritual actions, etc ... like representations of a common world to reinvent together. In the space of the gallery, we, artists, we propose, by the medium of the exhibition as "magic space", to question our links with the living, the contemporaneities, our interactions, our responsibilities, the commons and multiverse.

The exhibition Jusqu' au Feu was impulsed by Ann Guillaume and is part of her creative film I Can Swim Home

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