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The Macabracadabra Feast

The macabracadabra feast is an invented feast in which you can decide whether or not to participate.

A smoking black ceramic pig wraps me in an intense smell that I have felt somewhere before. The memory transports me to other times and spaces, an ancient and heavy smell like the one I felt every Sunday.

I enter. A large sculpture catches my attention, it looks like a caravan but is mounted on a wheelbarrow. What would contain such an object ? I look at all the figures that undulate on the black skin looking for a possible opening. Internal and external constellations of an esoteric language that I want to know more about. 

Dragons, pointed hands, invisible animals...

Moreover I see peppers, bells, curious objects. There is no doubt about its occult content. I imagine a rich procession following it, I imagine colorful dresses, festive sounds, unbelievable masks.

A series of strange bells attract me, I like to play them while listening to the different variations of sounds. They disturb and fascinate me in the same time, they are a little scary with their monstrous shapes and sharp teeth. They are not reassuring, just the opposite of the time marked by the church bells.

On the other side seven dolls made of salt dough are watching me. Richly decorated, between ex-voto and voodoo dolls, it seems each owns a soul and a personality and that they can suddenly start talking.

In Abruzzo, there is a old wedding ritual in which many couples dance around a post and everyone hold a ribbon which is linked to the top of the post. if the ribbons get tangled, it means that the wedding will not work. I see a votive tree, which reminds me of this ritual. I see that it is built with links, knots, ribbons. They are very tangled. Suddenly I am disturbed by the presence of razor blades at the end of the ribbons that make any dance impossible.

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