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Due occhi m'han guardato

The evil eye is one of the most spread ancien beliefs in many parts of the world.

This belief concerns the power of a person, through an envious look, to cause the misfortune of the envied person.

I created the installation "Due occhi m'han guardato", taking inspiration from this fascinating fragment of popular culture , especially from the texts of Estella Canziani, an English anthropologist who visited the lands of Abruzzo at the end 1800s.

Fifty sculptures were installed around a hut, inside of which I reproduced an ancient Abruzzi ritual that serves to ward off the evil eye. I installed the rest of the ritual inside the hut.

The materials used and the techniques are humble and they recall the peasant culture. In fact, flour, earth, salt, leaves and cereals are all elements that have always accompanied human history.

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